London Capital Group Reviews – Information About One Of The Biggest Brokers In The UK

Is London Capital Group (LCG) a Scam?

Your day trading career is serious business. It’s about your dreams, efforts, and of course your money. We have dug deep into the big business of London Capital Group (LCG). In this London Capital Group reviews, you will find valuable information about one of the largest online brokers in the UK.

Is London Capital Group (LCG) the right choice for you? London Capital Group (LCG) started in 1996 as a financial holding company. Today, they are one of the most experienced online brokers in the UK.

Overall, London Capital Group (LCG) has a good reputation among stakeholders and customers. However, there has been some criticism in recent years due to financial losses and the fact that experienced employees are leaving the company. However, they are one of the most widely used and praised online brokers in Europe, renowned for their low prices and high-quality support.


• Reputable and reliable.

• LCG offers a fairly safe environment. Negative balance protection ensures investors never lose more than their account balance.

• Top financial trading instruments for all types of investors.

• LCG offers low-cost trading services with no loss of quality.


London Capital Group Ltd is regulated by FCA in the UK and CySec in Cyprus. This level of regulation ensures that ESMA guidelines are adhered to, limits leverage, ensures negative balance protection, and strengthens the protocol. For some investors, this level of protection is stifling and may not be necessary. If this is the case, investors can apply for Professional status. This requires proof of trading experience and capital, it can also mean increased access to leverage and additional investment types.

Account Type

Before you start trading with London Capital Group (LCG), there are three different accounts to choose from:

• ECN Account

• Standard Account (Classic)

• Islamic Account

All three options have advantages and limitations. Select which one? It all depends on your preferences, strategy, and overall expectations.

ECN Account

In general, day traders prefer to register for an ECN London Capital Group (LCG) account. More active investors turn to ECN brokers because of their favorable prices and direct connections to liquidity providers. If you plan to deposit at least $10,000, an ECN account is a better choice.

• Many investors experience fast order execution

• It will only connect you to the market itself

• Lower fees compared to standard accounts and very low spreads

Standard Account (Classic)

A standard account will often give you the same odds as an ECN account, but the average spread is higher. There are no hidden fees as the commission is included in the spread. This is a good choice if you don’t meet all the requirements for an ECN account.

Islamic account

The London Capital Group (LCG) Islamic Account is a swap-free option for Muslim day traders, designed to comply with the rules and obligations of Sharia Law.

• No overnight fees or charges.

• No upfront commissions or wide spreads

Islamic accounts get the same conditions as other accounts

Wrapping up

London Capital Group (LCG) is probably one of the best online ECN/STP brokers out there regardless of your skillset and level. The company is highly regulated and has a great reputation for decades of excellent service in the stock market.

The low commissions and tight spreads offered to London Capital Group (LCG) customers put the company in a good position. Day traders can choose to invest in multiple markets and make good profits. Stocks, spot metals, stocks, indices, and even cryptocurrencies.

London Capital Group’s (LCG) excellent choice of trading platforms comes with benefits. Both London Capital Group (LCG) Trader and MetaTrader 4 are powerful tools, unlocking over 7000 markets across 9 asset classes. Enjoy one of the best online trading platform marketplaces in one place. With an easy-to-use app, you can always stay on top, no matter where you are.