Jericho Home Improvement Future Unclear After John Bartrom Murder

In the seventh episode of season two, “Hunting”, Cameron and Chase have a one-night stand. In the center of season three, they initiate a sexual relationship that Cameron insists be casual; when Chase declares that he “desires extra”, Cameron ends the affair. By the tip of the season, nonetheless, Cameron acknowledges that she has romantic feelings for Chase and they begin a serious relationship. After leaving the diagnostic team, they assume completely different roles at the PPTH, Cameron as a senior attending doctor within the emergency room and Chase as a surgeon. They turn out to be engaged in the season-five episode “Saviors” (the episode immediately following Kutner’s suicide) and are married within the season finale. When Chase rejoins House’s team in season six, Cameron leaves her husband and the hospital in “Teamwork”, the season’s eighth episode.

In this three-episode spinoff series, our heroine takes her bag of joy-sparking tips …