3 Ways To Style A Throw In The Bedroom


There’s nothing better than making your bedroom the ultimate sleeping haven. You know you’ve got it right when you can’t bring yourself to get out of bed when your alarm goes off. Creating a cosy and snug sleeping environment is vital when it comes to your sleep quality and when you’re looking to create a nice bedroom that is usable throughout the seasons, then there is nothing better than the addition of a blanket or two.


A throw or blanket is a must-have for any bedroom, for both aesthetics and comfort and they should not be underestimated. In the middle of summer, when you want minimal cover, then you might find yourself reaching for a light blanket, whereas in the winter months when just a duvet isn’t quite enough on those chilly evenings, a blanket can give you more comfort.


But, with the addition of a blanket, many homeowners are unsure just quite how a style a throw blanket in their bedroom in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing, but means that the blanket is also close to hand when needed. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some ways how to style a throw in the bedroom.


Fold and Drape

Instead of simply placing your throw across the bed or draping it so that it skims across the floor, there are some ways in which you can style a blanket or throw that looks more neat and tidy. The fold and drape method uses a diagonally folded blanket, draped across a corner of the bed which helps to achieve a more symmetrical appearance, which still looks pulled together. This style works well if you have a patterned or statement duvet cover set that you want to accentuate with a complimentary throw or blanket in a plain colour.


Layer For An Expensive Appearance

If you have a small bedroom and are wary about adding additional features in order to avoid making it feel smaller, then layering blankets is a great way to make smaller, lighter throws look bigger and give the illusion of a bigger bed, as well as a more expensive and luxury feel. Starts with a solid or block colour blanket with a textured neutral blanket underneath. Then, on top, look for a throw that uses a common shade in the rest of your bedroom decor, and that uses complementary textures such as fringe, ribbon or decorative patterns.


Switch With Seasonality

In the winter months, you will likely look for heavier, cosier throws or weighted blankets, but then as the seasons transition and warmer spring weather comes along, you will likely be looking for lighter materials.


It’s important for your bedroom aesthetic to switch up with the seasons in order to make it feel lighter for the summer, and cosier in the winter, so look to switch up your throws, as well as duvet and bedding cover, in line with the seasons.