Best Upcoming Online Fashion Store

Since online e-commerce growth started to surge in the middle of this decade, there has been a spike in new online fashion retailers. These stores are bringing a wave of change, innovation and creativity in the fashion industry which has created a big buzz since though they are young, they challenge the status quo brands such as Chanel and Versace. They also have great deals, discounts and a variety of designs, making them ideal stores for the modern shopper. 

Here are the best upcoming online fashion stores:


Asos is a one-stop-shop for everything in fashion and beauty. Their products are trendy, high quality and still low priced for affordability. This brand is most popular with millennials due to its trendy fashion pieces that do not bankrupt customers. The best part is its consumers get both fashion and beauty at one shop without much hassle based on customer reviews of rotita.


With 100 unique design pieces being unveiled daily, Boohoo is another favourite that has seen major growth over the last one year. It is also popular with millennials due to affordability and trendy designs. Pieces here range from a high of $100 to $2 which makes it preferred.


This Swedish based design store is a leader in affordable high fashion. They also offer other clothing such as the basics, lingerie, trending fashion and accessories.

Free People

This is an online cloth store startup focusing on free-spirited humans and hippies. Their theme shows a carefree attitude. Its fashion pieces are designed with the same attitude in mind which makes it popular among free-spirited or unhinged individuals.


This company produces unique designs for its clientele with the belief that one should have their unique style and design. It also features vintage pieces from other renowned fashion houses like Chanel, Laurent and Versace.


This store showcases the most trendy fashion pieces in the world according to many fashion brand reviews. For convenience, it also offers beauty products to its clientele to ease the hassle of having to order products from different retailers. They have even added masks to their lineup to keep up with current trends.


Verishop is a popular fashion store due to the numerous fashion departments they have so that they can provide variety to their customers. They offer men’s, women’s and kids clothing along with beauty and jewellery which makes it a one-stop-shop for everything their customers need. Their best highlight is the fast and free shipping along with their excellent 24-hour customer service that makes the whole experience worth it.


Missguided offers young, fun and trendy designs to people who aren’t afraid to show a little bit of skin or flaunt their figures. From low cut tops, body con dresses to shorts, their pieces can be used to spice up your wardrobe for the summer season.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters stock a wide range of fashion designs to give their customers variety. The advanced search functions on their website help you search for any category by size, length, style, colour or brand that you want.