What Should You Wear When Exercising For Men In Winter

Exercising in the winter can seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of clothing options out there to help improve the comfort of the experience. You will quickly realise that your fears were unfounded and learn to love exercising throughout the entire year. If you don’t have many warm clothing options for you to exercise in outside you could visit a men’s hoodie sale to allow you to get some discounted winter running gear.  


Wearing a baselayer is advisable throughout the entire year, as baselayers can help your body more effectively manage your core temperature; helping you stay warm enough whilst exercising in the winter, and helping ensure that you don’t get too warm during the summer. Baselayers act as a second layer of skin as they closely fit onto your skin, most baselayers will also be made out of moisture-wicking materials that help to remove sweat from your skin. Removing sweat from your skin is useful because sweat on your skin can have a cooling effect during the winter and a warming effect during the summer. Removing as much sweat from your skin as possible can allow you to be as comfortable as possible.

Comfortable Clothing

You should ensure that the clothing option that you wear to exercise is comfortable and does not restrict the movement of your body during exercise. If you are exercising in winter you should consider getting a pair of men’s full tracksuits to help you keep warm and comfortable during winter, although if you are exercising in summer you may be able to get away with just wearing baselayer clothing whilst exercising outside.

Wear Reflective Clothing

If you exercise before the sun rises or after the sun sets outside you should opt to buy reflective clothing, you can purchase reflective wrist cuffs and running jackets that make it easier for cars to see you as the car headlights will reflect off your clothing. This can mean that you are less likely to get run over, even with protective clothing you should still take precautions and stay aware of your surroundings when you are running on roads.

Bring Accessories

If you are exercising outside in winter you can bring some gloves and a hat in your pocket, this allows you to easily be able to increase your warmth even in the coldest weather, plus these items do not take up much space which makes them easy to carry.

Buy A Quality Pair Of Running Shoes

When it comes to running shoes it is worth it to spend a bit extra to get the right pair of shoes, purchasing a quality pair that fits you right can reduce the chances of injury and allow you to push yourself harder than you would if you were wearing a pair of cheaper, inferior shoes.

Thermal Socks

We lose more heat in our hands and feet than the rest of our body, which makes protecting these body parts from the cold all the more important; thermal socks are effective at helping your body maintain its temperature, which can leave you feeling warmer than you would otherwise feel. Thermal socks are normally thicker than regular socks which can mean you are less likely to get blisters and sores on your feet as a result of shoe rub.

Water Pouch

You can buy a water pouch that you can connect to your running outfit that can allow you to easily and conveniently carry water around with you to stay hydrated whilst you exercise.


By wearing the right kit you can dramatically improve your comfort whilst you are exercising in winter.