Experiencing My Mother’s Wedding Dress on My Big Day

Wedding day is a memorable occasion in the lift of every girl. Everyone prepares for it with full spirit and planning in order to enjoy the happiness. On the other hand, people make certain moves to enjoy the wedding day and make it memorable for life. Couponksa.com lets them prepare for the wedding ceremonies with 6Th Street Promo Code. However, some girls prefer to astonish the guests especially the family members. Meet Sarah Fitton who dared to break the traditions by using her Mother’s Wedding Dress.

The Idea Sounds Awesome:

Yes, this idea is great. Going against the tradition is good but it may be challenging. Most girls like to have a brand new wedding dress in order to celebrate the memorable day. However, Sarah did something that was not expected. Wearing her mother’s own wedding dress was a surprise to all family members. Here are some views from Sarah about this experience.

“Our family was living far from each other from last several years. Unfortunately, we were unable to maintain the gatherings and family reunions due to some domestic issues. It was my biggest wish to reunite everyone. This wish was simple but achieving it was not easy. After my mom died, I found something amazing in her closet. It was her wedding dress (neat and clean) with the beautiful embroidery. Two years later, I checked the wedding dress again when I decided to marry Johnson. An idea came to my mind.  Johnson was happy with my decision so we decided to wear this wedding dress to give a big surprise to our family members” Sarah explained.

Reaction was Superb:

On the inaugural ceremony at church, everyone was amazed to see the wedding dress. Yes, it was not according to the latest designs and fashion but it was still unique. Some old ladies said that we have seen this dress before. I smiled and told them that it belongs to my mothers. Tears in eyes, everyone was happy to see this great tribute to my mother.

Did I Make Changes In Wedding Dress?

Yes, this was necessary. Thanks to the couponksa.com where I discovered the 6Th Street Promo Code on bridal shoes, jewelry and accessories. I brought the beautiful laces and floral prints to stitch with the wedding dress of my mother. Now it was new and unique.

Did we Save Money?

Basically, I did not intend to make savings especially on my wedding day. It is hard for any girl to compromise on the basic necessities in this matter. Thanks to the Johnson who encouraged me to utilize the available options and resources such as my wedding dress and 6Th Street Promo Code on bridal makeup, shoes, beauty & skincare and shoes.

We are sharing this story as an inspiration. Every girl must respect the antiques especially the dresses. Remember, the fashion trends and styles of 1980s and before are returning. There is nothing wrong if you try something that belongs to your parents. Make certain alterations in order to create a modern look.