Gemstones That Are Common for Engagement Rings

Gemstones are great for engagement rings, and there are so many to pick. Not to mention that there are several colours to wear for engagement rings. So, here are some of the most common gemstones out there, as well as what could be the right pick for you instead of a diamond.


Sapphires are becoming popular gemstones for vintage sapphire engagement rings. One of the reasons for this is their natural colour-changing properties. However, it isn’t the colour changing that you might assume it usually is. It just depends on the lighting that is coming into contact with the gemstone, making it look like it changes colour. These colours can vary from a deep blue to a more turquoise/ teal colour.


Rubies are another gemstone that has become popular recently. They are extremely popular with vintage engagement rings and that is why you see them a lot today. Rubies can sometimes be confused with garnets because of their reddish colour. However, ruby tends to be a much darker red than a garnet. This deep red colour symbolises love and passion. Another reason why it is such a popular gemstone.


Emeralds are another fantastic choice for an engagement ring due to their deep-green colour. One of the reasons why they are delicate is because of their natural inclusions. Making this gemstone inadvisable for someone that works in a physical job. Nonetheless, emeralds are known to symbolise faithfulness and true love. That is why they are the perfect choice for an engagement ring.


Aquamarine engagement rings are less common however, that is why they are a good choice for proposing. Simply because it is unique and you have gone for something slightly different to everybody else. Aquamarines tend to be quite a large gemstone and it is rated between 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. Making it quite a strong gemstone for an engagement ring. Aquamarines tend to be variations of blue and bluey-green. Additionally, the most valuable type of aquamarine tends to be dark blue because of its rarity.


Last but not least, Moissanite and, are one of the strongest gemstones on the list. Rated at 9.25 on the Mohs scale, making it suitable for your partner who works in a physically demanding job. Additionally, they are relatively resistant to scratches and abrasion. Again, cementing the fact that it makes a great engagement ring for someone who works in a manual labour job. Moissanites come in a range of colours. So, make sure you shop around to see what colours are best for your partner.


If you are looking for something a bit different to diamonds, these are some that you should consider. There are many gemstones out there to choose from for an engagement ring. Some are far more expensive than others as well. Not to mention that some are more durable than others. The best part about gemstones is that they come in a range of colours so, make sure you pick your partner’s favourite colour to show your true affection.