Hooded Sweatshirts: a look that never fails

It is a reality. Summer has left us and it has been a long time since we said goodbye to leaving home with just a short sleeve. We have gone through our closets looking for clothes that will help us in the transition until the cold winter. Without a doubt, one of the most comfortable and helpful options is hooded sweatshirts.

It would also be worth a sweater, it is true. But let’s face it; a sweater has a more serious touch that does not suit us so much, while a sweatshirt has that peculiar style suitable for wearing in any situation. It helps us both to go to class and to keep warm after playing sports. Or even to take to work.

Sweatshirts are one of the most popular garments among men around the world. There are many types. Although perhaps the most important differentiation is in whether or not they wear a vlone friends hoodie.

Those of the first option, those with a hood, give a much more informal and carefree look. They are, without a doubt, preferred by the younger audience.

But if what you are looking for is the comfort of the garment without giving up going something more formal and appropriate for each occasion, your best option is, without a doubt, the hoodie.

Advantages of wearing hooded sweatshirts

There are many reasons we could give you to choose a sweatshirt without a hood over one that does. We have already advanced some of them a little higher. But perhaps the biggest advantage is being able to always be comfortable.

The sweatshirts themselves are a clear bet on comfort. On the one hand, for which it offers this type of garment itself. Do not forget that it was born as a garment for sports use. But today it is an element that cannot and should not be missing in any wardrobe.

On the other hand, we also talk about the added comfort of sweatshirts that do not have a hood. Especially if we wear a coat, jackets or another garment that we are going to put on.

Another of the great advantages that a sweatshirt without a hood offers compared to one that does is the image and, therefore, the use we can make of this garment. Hooded sweatshirts can’t help but project a more casual and “college” image, while sweatshirts without a hood can be perfectly combined with any look and used for almost any occasion.

This image and style of hooded sweatshirts can also be translated into attitude. Wearing this garment says a lot about us. Nobody is aware that the clothes we wear are an expression of ourselves. We know what to wear and we are sure of it. We wear a sweatshirt because we believe that comfort is not at odds with “going well”. We know what the important things in life are, but we also know that life is not to be taken so seriously.

Also, the years when only the shirt and suit were allowed to go to work are long gone. The sweatshirt is a garment that, in a few decades, has crept into all sectors of our lives. It is tremendously versatile. We can use it to go to work, to the library, to go out with friends or to go shopping.

The last great advantage that we can add and, as they say, no less important, is time.

Yes, you read it right. Time is something that we do not have exactly. And if we do, we don’t like to use it to decide what clothes to wear, right?

Thanks to the versatility of which we have spoken, hooded sweatshirts are a safe bet to go to any place or event, so we are not going to waste time deciding what to wear on this or another occasion. A hoodie without a hood is a safe value.

How to combine a sweatshirt without a hood?

We do not tire of repeating it; hooded sweatshirts are the best option to match any look.

Are you going to play sports or take a walk in the countryside? Well, a sweatshirt is the ideal garment to go warm. It is the logical combination of long sleeves to wear with sports pants.

Yes. We know that.

But the perfect husband for a sweatshirt is undoubtedly jeans. This is the most versatile look and that best adapts to any type of situation. With a vlone shorts and a hoodie we also show that casual, but decent image that we want to convey.