How to Diet for Weight Loss Safely without Harm to Health

Diets are often carried out for various purposes, whether it is because you want to lose weight, maintain a stable weight, or because you want to maintain your health. But often, the diets that have been tried have no result or the results are not as satisfying as we’d hoped. If you do it carelessly, don’t be surprised if you fail or are not satisfied, then identify what mistakes when doing a diet that makes our struggles seem in vain.

Cut Carbohydrates Intake Completely

Carbohydrates are an intake that should be limited when it comes to applying the right way to lose weight. Not cutting it at all, you just reduce it because the body still needs a balanced nutritional intake. When the intake of carbohydrates is not fulfilled, the metabolic process only gets slower and the bodyweight does not decrease later.

Lack of sleep

Like staying up late also affects the diet program that we are doing and can even determine the success or failure. When sleeping late, automatically when we are doing anything, hunger will come and the desire to eat is so great that ultimately our diet will fail.

Eating Healthy Food

Like to eat healthy foods such as organic vegetables, fruit, raw food, to avoid fried foods? It’s healthy, but if other heavy foods are still our daily intake, this will still be a dietary mistake that makes you lose weight.

Not Eating Rice

Thinking rice makes you fat because it is high in carbohydrates and then not eating rice at all and replacing it with cookies or cakes is wrong. When we eat sweet things, the desire to eat more increases, and in the end, snacking or eating more sweets results in weight gain and not a loss.

Choosing Not to Eat Breakfast

Not having breakfast makes the body’s metabolism slow down and this also affects the bodyweight which also decreases slowly. Breakfast is still important, but the menu selection needs to be rearranged, such as eating fruit for breakfast, whole grains, and nuts.

Excessive Cheating Day

Many people apply cheating on a diet to make them more excited. However, when the cheating day arrived, it was as if we could overeat whatever we wanted and tended to go free. Diets that are carried out for a week to two weeks are actually in vain because the fat and calorie intake that has been cut in one day are returned by ourselves.

Drink More Fruit Juice Than Water

Every time you diet, some people always think that drinking fruit juice is healthy and can support their diet. Drinking fruit juice is healthier, but also don’t just drink fruit juice until you forget to consume water. Remember that calories can be burned with more water, you know.

Lack of Exercise or Excessive Exercise

Several types of dieters prefer to keep their diet but not exercise at all, but some prefer to exercise more often and tend to overdo it because they believe in burning fat and calories more optimally. Exercise is necessary and the right thing is routine 3-4 times a week by doing the type of cardio.

Take wrong a supplement

Supplements, both chemical and herbal, are quite numerous and varied, especially for diet. However, one consumption might have a negative impact on the diet that is pursuing. Not only is the diet risky, but the risk of side effects that can cause disease is also big. So if you want to take supplements, choose the supplement from mymeticore and make sure you have consulted a nutritionist or an expert in that field.

Those are some mistakes when doing a diet that is common but still many people apply it during dieting. Diet a healthy diet with the right food choices, nutritionally balanced, adequate sleep and rest, exercise regularly and avoid the habit of skipping breakfast.