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If you’re to sell enterprise and industrial equipments, the insertion fee shall be $20, reserve payment will $5 and last worth fee of 1{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc}. The reserve price charge which is $2 upto $199.ninety nine and 1{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the reserve worth above $199.ninety nine.

$50.01 – $a thousand.00 – 12{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the preliminary $50 and 9{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the remaining final sale price balance. $a thousand.01 or more – 12{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the initial $50, 9{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the next $50.01 – $1000.00 and a couple of{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the remaining final sale value stability. $50.01 – $a thousand.00 – 15{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the initial $50 and 5{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the remaining final sale worth balance.

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The insertion fee is $0.50 for all objects priced at $0.99 or larger. Final value charges for fastened price format listings:

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It is 9{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the merchandise’s whole cost to the buyer ( the delivery fee is included within the whole value). Insertion charge for mounted worth format listings:

$one thousand.01 or extra – 15{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the initial $50, 5{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the subsequent $50.01 – $a thousand.00 and 2{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the remaining last sale price balance. $50.01 – $a thousand.00 – 12{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the initial $50 and 6{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the remaining final sale worth balance. $one thousand.01 or extra – 12{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the initial $50, 6{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the subsequent $50.01 – $1000.00 and a couple of{c911cb031293cfbfe9ba1feb07fa94f64ab458f7c1b07b8ea955bcabd05345cc} of the remaining last sale worth balance.