Style Tips for Everyone to Change Routine and lifestyle

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Sometimes we think that looking good is a matter of “good taste” or having a lot of money to fill ourselves with things in our closet. We will not necessarily have both at our disposal and that does not have to be a headache. They ask me what are those basic tips to wear a style that conveys an appropriate image, that we can all apply in our day to day to dress in the office and today I made a summary of some of those basic style tips, know them to click on

I am sure that we can all easily put these tips into practice and you will see that only with a few adjustments or changes we will be able to feel and look great.

# 1 Invest in good shoes

While it is true, there are many footwear options available to us and “brand” shoes are not necessarily the best. If it is true, that the better quality ones may have a higher price. Not only do they have a better appearance, but they are of better quality and more comfortable. Let’s think that shoes are what support our weight all day, so that they are comfortable and do not hurt our feet is essential. Some classic black or nude stilettos are basic.

Put it this way, it is as if you were going to run a marathon, you would do it with any shoe or you would look for the ones that are best for you, in terms of quality, comfort, performance, etc.

# 2 Combine three colors

Sometimes we get overly complicated thinking about the color combinations in our clothes. Combining a color or two is easy, but we can say that the “ideal” combination is up to three colors, counting everything you wear in your outfit, from clothes to accessories. If you have a printed garment, look for the other accessories to be preferably in a single tone and based on the same color palette that we find in the print.

# 3 The high shot is flattering

For a long time, hip pants and skirts were all the rage. Luckily that fashion is almost disappearing and the waist is once again taking center stage in the female silhouette. Therefore, high-waisted garments, be they skirts or pants, even dresses, with a well-defined waist will help us to stylize the figure and make it even more feminine. We will look taller and slimmer and I think that’s something we all want.

# 4 Not everything that is fashionable suits you

The title is self explanatory. We constantly see many garments that are in trend for short periods of time and automatically all stores fill their windows with the same. It is inevitable not to feel sometimes tempted to buy some of these garments and there is nothing wrong. What must be clear is that not everything that is fashionable or in trend is favorable for everyone. Especially in the workplace, it is not that we are oblivious to fashion, at all, but let’s say that it is not the highest priority of an elegant and neat look. The basics will always reign. Also remember, that fashion passes, but style never.

# 5 Less skin is more

When we talk about things that add us to our outfit, showing less skin is a plus! This refers for example to sleeveless tops, blouses or dresses, low necklines, open backs, very short skirts, bare shoulders, etc. It is not that we are prudish, far from it, only that when it comes to the work environment, we seek to project an image. Those beautiful clothes where we allow ourselves to show a little more skin, are perfect for our social and personal environment, so there is no reason to think that we cannot use them at another time.

# 6 No to oversized clothes

On the other hand, there are those who go to the other extreme and wear oversized clothing. It is not about the fashion for “oversized” garments, but rather garments that are obviously one or more sizes larger. This gives the impression of wanting to hide, or hide. We may not be comfortable with some part of our body, but wearing oversized will not make that disappear, on the contrary, you will get even more attention.

Wearing clothes in our size is ideal. It’s like wearing a shoe size smaller or larger. With neither of the two you will be well, or comfortable and that you will transmit to others.

I hope you can start putting these style tips into practice and it doesn’t all have to be a sea change. They are small changes that we can gradually incorporate into our routine and lifestyle.