Sustainable Gym Wear Brands To Wear In 2023

As you may know, fashion is trying to be more sustainable. The problem with that is that it tends to correlate with the price, making garments more expensive than they should be. Nevertheless, there are numerous clothing brands out there that produce sustainable clothing for people to wear and are affordable.

Gymwear is a sector that is very new to the world of sustainable garments. Due to this, people struggle to find eco-friendly gym wear brands however, there are many out there. Let’s look at the most sustainable gym wear brands in 2023 so you can find the best womens gym wear.


Up first is Tala, founded by Grace Beverley, awarded Youngest Entrepreneur by Natwest. Tala is a fantastic brand for two reasons. One of them is that they design fashionable gym wear that you can wear for the gym and casual wear. The other reason that makes Tala great is that it is very organic.

Another positive about Tala is that it is highly ethical as well. They ensure their staff are paid fairly, helping to slave labour around the world. If you don’t own any Tala yet, we highly recommend you browse their website to find the perfect sustainably sourced gym brand.

Girlfriend Collective

Up next is Girlfriend Collective, and their aim is slow fashion. Most of their garments are nearly 100% organic and their packaging is 100% packaging. The materials they use reduce its overall impact on the plant by reducing the number of chemicals, water and wastewater during the production process.


Adidas is one of the most well-known gym wear brands and produces some of the best sportswear out there. Now, they are producing some of the most organic gym wear in the industry. They haven’t always been like this but, they have recognised that the planet needs to make way for a sustainable future and are doing just that. Furthermore, they have gotten involved with the Better Cotton initiative.


Up next is one of the most fashionable and sustainable brands out there, Patagonia. Again, most of their garments use 100% eco-friendly materials. It is well known for being green since it launched back in 1973. It is an essential item for an eco-conscious wardrobe, especially with gymwear. Additionally, the brand contributes 10% of its profits to sustainable groups that encourage a fair trade market.

BAM Clothing

Another clothing brand that is a must-have for an eco-friendly gymwear wardrobe is BAM Clothing. They use a high number of eco-friendly materials for their gymwear. They have big aspirations as well for their brand as they aim to reduce their carbon footprint to zero by 2023. Furthermore, BAM uses ethically sourced bamboo, perfect for a pair of seamless leggings.


Fashion is one of those sectors that are very far behind other industries. Nevertheless, the major players in this sector are aiming to be carbon neutral. Gym Wear brands are looking to replace those successful fast fashion brands that have made millions in the industry in the last 20 years. Nevertheless, there is a lot that still needs to change including the consumers who also need to be more sustainable.